New Degree Press publishes Books that have Purpose.


Every author that works with New Degree Press has a specific outcome tied to the publication of their work. When an author publishes a book with New Degree Press, we coach and help them turn their first draft manuscript into a Book they are proud of.

An author will complete the following tracks prior to publication:

  • Pre-Launch Effort - We'll help you pre-sell your book to fund the publishing costs through a Crowdsourcing Campaign

  • Manuscript Revisions - All authors get feedback from an Acquiring Editor and Beta Readers. Our authors work with a Professional Marketing & Revisions Editor to implement the feedback they receive. All books receive a round of technical editing from a copy editor and a proofreader prior to publication.

  • Manuscript to Book - We'll help you turn your manuscript into a book you are excited to share with the world (Cover Design, Layout)

  • Launch & Promotion - Through "The Creator Platform" we'll help you launch your book so you can use it to drive the outcomes you want​.


Recent Titles Published (July 2019)

To Publish with New Degree Press, your manuscript  must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a length of 30,000 words (or more)

  • Contain high quality, well-written stories

  • Include a Strong Statement of Purpose - Why you created this book in particular

New Degree Press accepts unsolicited submissions, proposals, manuscripts, or submission queries via email:

Please use the subject line: "Submission - [Title]"