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The Creator Community Podcast

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The Creator Community Podcast brings you insights and inspiration for first-time authors and creators. On our show, you will learn practical advice to build your community, improve your writing, and sell more books as a modern author.

This is a show to celebrate, elevate and showcase the stories of authors from our community.

In each episode you will meet a different author — an entrepreneur using their book to grow their business or advance their career; a novelist exploring complex themes of identity and mental health in their debut novel; and writers getting radically vulnerable as they share their life's challenges and inspirational stories of personal triumph. Every author has a story worth sharing, and we launched our show to create a platform to share these incredible journeys.

We coach our authors how to talk about their books, to land more podcast interviews — and drive outcomes.

As part of our process, we coach you how to talk about your book, effectively. Talking about a book, and writing your book are two very different skills. We start by teaching you how to identify the right podcasts for your book and genre, and then how to reach out to those shows to land an interview.

On The Creator Community Podcast, you will meet a select handful of authors that have gone through our training process, and demonstrate the skills, and mastery of the coaching we provide to our community.