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We are a community that loves books and the authors who create them and our award-winning team is composed of alumni from major publishing houses, marketing experts, sales specialists, and artists who are passionate about our work. We love being a part of a community of thought leaders, world builders, storytellers, and changemakers who want to share their stories and ideas with the world.

Editorial Department Heads

Our unique editorial and revision process is based on a blend of the science and art of developing an exceptional book — and our unique editorial process was developed from the analysis of more than a thousand best-selling books and manuscripts to empower our editors to deliver strategic and tactical feedback to help any authors move beyond a first draft into an exceptional book, all while retaining their unique voice and insights that will make the book uniquely a product of the author.



Head of Acquiring Editing

Venus Bradley has been working in book publishing for over a decade. She began her book career in bookstores like Borders and Barnes & Noble before eventually obtaining a BA in Writing, Literature, and Publishing at Emerson College. She then went on to get an MFA in Creative Writing for Children and Young Adults at Hamline University. Over the years, Venus has done freelancing and worked for several publishers in various editorial and production capacities, including Candlewick Press, McGraw Hill, Pearson Education, and Duke University Press.



Head of Copy Editing

Amanda Brown has been with New Degree Press from the beginning. She has more than fifteen years of experience in copy editing and proofreading for publishing houses, independent authors, and a wide variety of businesses in every genre imaginable. Her background also includes nearly two decades in engineering, mathematics, and information technology.

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Head of Marketing and Revisions Editing

Leila Summers is an author, editor, and book coach with a love for all things creative and human. Since 2009, Leila has been advising, inspiring, and assisting fellow writers and creatives in realizing their full potential and authentically spread the word about their wonderful talents. She specializes in the writing, publishing, and promotion of books and is currently Head of the Marketing and Revisions Editor Department at New Degree Press.



Head of Publishing

Brian Bies joined New Degree Press in 2017 as part of the founding team. Brian’s book, Indie Gaming: Finding Entrepreneurial Success in Video Games, was part of the first cohort of published authors. Brian manages New Degree Press and volunteers his time with Creator Institute through their partnership.

We bring a team of more than eighty individuals to support our community of authors including experienced acquiring editors, revisions editors, copy and proofing editors, marketing professionals, art and layout designers, and authors coaches 

New Degree Press - Advisory Council

Our innovative hybrid presale publishing model was created in order to make publishing accessible to any author and enable the production of an exceptional book with a broad reach for every author.  We've gathered some of the most innovative minds across technology, community, writing, art, photography, leadership and beyond.  Our New Degree Press Advisory Council is a group of Creators, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs in and from across the various fields of publishing who want to help inspire and empower others to also become Creators.




Shane Mac is the Chairman of the Board for New Degree Press. Shane is the founder of Logos Labs and the author of Stop with the BS.

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Marketing Innovations

An executive at BlueScape Software; Co-Founder and COO, Murmur


Megan O'Connor

Education & EdTech Innovations

An executive at Chegg; former founder of Hi Clark (Tutoring); former executive at Kaplan & Pencils of Promise



Creator Economy

Founder/CEO of Creative Live; NY Times Bestselling Author; Award-Winning Photographer

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Product Manager

President of Intent-Based Leadership Institute and bestselling author, Rated #1 Business Book by Forbes


Book Creation

Georgetown Professor; 2020 USASBE Entrepreneur Educator of the Year; Serial Author; Author coach to 2,000 published authors & creators



Publishing Innovation

Daniel Houghton is the former CEO of Lonely Planet, one of the largest book publishing companies in the world. Daniel is a Forbes 30 Under 30 Alum.



Digital Commence & Reader Engagement

Leader in digital payments and customer loyalty; Former Chief Digital Officer, Starbucks; CEO/Founder Brightloom; Executive at JCrew



Community Commerce

Founder of The Geek Squad; Chief Technology Officer at Best Buy; Investor & Speaker


Accessibility & Inclusion

Award-winning Inclusive Designer/ Disability Activist/ Board Member; Executive at Wunderman Thompson; Managing Partner at Open Style Lab

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Author Marketing & Community

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