About New Degree Press

New Degree Press was founded in 2017 as an Independent Book Publisher Association-recognized hybrid publishing house focused on empowering authors as owners. To date, New Degree Press has worked with more than 600 authors, many of whom have routinely been recognized in media and press including Newsweek, The Washington Post, USA Today, and dozens of other media brands and publications. Our culture is grounded in being kind, community-driven, and deeply practical.


As a publisher, New Degree Press is based in an educational pedagogy of “creation-based learning”—which means that the goal of the publishing experience is a taught and guided experience through all the aspects of publishing (pre-launch, revisions, cover design, layout, marketing, and printing).


We believe in making the experience rich and fulfilling for each author so they have the agency and autonomy over decisions related to their book with the support of experienced professionals.


Our Model

New Degree Press is a new approach to the University Press model of publishing. We operate as a public benefit corporation—B Corporation—that doesn’t rely on grants or donors but is focused on impact.


Our mission: “To help creators create, demonstrate, and inspire while putting good into the world.”


The books we publish tend to have a social focus or have a mission-impact in some way, and the authors we work with often partner with nonprofits, schools and other organizations to create awareness and raise money toward different social and political issues.

New Degree Press is a platform for creators, not a controller of creativity. Authors are involved in each part of their publishing journey—from cover design and layout to launch and promotion.


At New Degree Press, we believe our authors should always own their work (and all derivative rights). We help them produce, publish, and sell their books. As the owner of their work, our authors collect all royalties (or profits from book sales) when they publish. We also connect creators from all backgrounds worldwide and help give a voice to those who thought publishing their work was impossible.


Our publishing model consists of a pre-sale model designed to help you both (a) build your audience; and (b) offset your production costs so you are profitable when you publish. If you are unable to reach your pre-sale goal, you are under no obligation to publish with New Degree Press. (We’ll even refund your preorders.)


Although we’re a relatively young publishing company, each of our editorial departments have, on average, at least a decade of experience in publishing, writing, production and design, and marketing.

Meet the Team

Editorial Department Heads:


Venus Bradley—Head of Acquiring Editing






Leila Summers—Head of Marketing & Revisions Editing






Amanda Brown—Head of Copy Editing





Our Team

Brian Bies

Head of Publishing

Brian Bies joined New Degree Press in 2017. Brian's book, Indie Gaming: Finding Entrepreneurial Success in Video Games, was part of New Degree Press's first batch of published books. Brian manages New Degree Press and volunteers his time with Creator Institute through their partnership.

New Degree Press - Advisory Council

The New Degree Press Advisory Council is a group of Creators, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs in and from across the various fields of publishing who want to help inspire and empower others to also become Creators.

Shane Mac

Chairman of the Advisory Council

Shane Mac is the Chairman of the Board for New Degree Press. Shane is the CEO & Co-Founder of Assist and the author of Stop with the BS.

Daniel Houghton

Member, Advisory Council

Daniel Houghton is the former CEO of Lonely Planet, one of the largest book publishing companies in the world. Daniel is a Forbes 30 Under 30 Alum.

Adam Brotman (CDO, Starbucks and CEO, Brightloom)

Christina Mallon (Managing Partner, Open Style Lab)

Chase Jarvis (CEO, CreativeLive and author)

David Marquet (President of Intent-Based Leadership Institute and bestselling author, Rated #1 Business Book by Forbes)

Catherine Spence (Co-Founder and COO, Murmur)

Joshua Schwartz (CEO, Pubvendo)

Megan O'Connor (CEO, Clark)

Robert Stephens (CTO, BestBuy and Founder, The Geek Squad)

Mailing Address:
PO Box 59663
Potomac, MD 20859

T: 202.643.9386



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