How to Publish with Us

Through our Creators Program offered 3x per year (in April, August, and December), authors publish their books over a five-month timeline that provides an entrepreneurial approach to publishing.


Our process is grounded in an educational pedagogy of “creation-based learning,” which means our goal in publishing your book is to both help you publish a high-quality book and also teach and guide you through all the aspects of publishing, empowering you each stage in the process as the creator and owner of your work.


These programs with weekly sessions are designed to help both educate authors about the publishing process and the world of publishing and also help guide them through each of the steps of publishing—audience building, revisions, cover design, copy editing and proofreading, layout, and launch and promotion.


As a New Degree author, you will work with a publishing team through each stage of the process. Some key players on your team are:

  • An Acquiring Editor who reviews your first draft manuscript and offers structural support and revision feedback;

  • A Publishing Coordinator who organizes the logistics and weekly schedule for you to follow over the course of your publishing journey;

  • A Marketing and Revisions Editor who focuses on supporting you through the four-phase revision process as well as developing tactical marketing plans and activities to promote your book prior to publication;

  • A Copy Editor and Proofreader who provide a technical grammar review and ensure consistency of tone, flow, and facts throughout the manuscript;

  • A Cover Designer who incorporates your ideas into an innovative cover design; and

  • A Layout Editor who typesets your manuscript and prepares your book for print.

Recent Titles Published (December 2020)

The First Step

In order to publish with New Degree Press, you must submit a first draft manuscript for our Acquiring Editor Department to review and green-light. We recognize that no manuscript is perfect, which is why our AE Department does an initial review to move your manuscript forward or determine if you need additional support (e.g., involving a Developmental Editor).


We look at each manuscript based on the following criteria:


  • Hook

  • Personal stories

  • Primary interview-driven stories

  • Secondary interview-driven stories

  • Lessons

  • Personal narrative and opinions

  • External research and data


  • Hook

  • Protagonist

  • Personal narrative

  • Style

  • Theme

  • Tone

  • Lessons

  • Research


  • Protagonist/Antagonist

  • Secondary characters

  • Plot

  • Conflict

  • Setting

  • Style

  • Tone

  • Theme


  • Language

  • Compression

  • Surprise

  • Structure

  • Poetic devices

  • Sound

  • Thematic cohesion


We evaluate each of these manuscript elements based on two criteria: (1) is it relevant? Does it further the argument or narrative? And (2) is it engaging? Does it make the reader believe?


Typically, less than 15 percent of unsolicited manuscripts we receive are eligible to move forward. For comparison, approximately 50 percent of authors who participate in the Book Creators Program with our sister-company Creator Institute are initially green-lit to publish. Most authors are still developing their book’s structure, and we’ve found that most authors who tend to submit unsolicited need additional help in some way before moving forward with publishing their work.


If you aren’t initially green-lit, we will recommend one of our writing boot camps or editing resources to help get your manuscript up to our editorial standards prior to moving forward with our publication process. Our boot camps are free to participate in (with the expectation that you’ll attend and actively participate), and our editorial programs (e.g., AE Bridge Program) are offered at-cost.


Our goal in offering these programs is to help you create a higher-quality manuscript so you can publish a well-edited, high-quality book.


All manuscripts that publish with New Degree Press undergo an intensive revision process from our editorial departments and the author’s beta readership—which we help each author establish for their book through our process—and receive a round each of copy editing and proofreading prior to publication.

After Acceptance

Once your draft is accepted, you will participate in a call with one of our Publishing Strategists to both develop your plan and for us to determine if we’re a good fit together. If we are, we’ll share our short 2-page Publishing Agreement with you. (We believe publishing is hard enough as it is, and so we don’t believe in having a complicated 15-page agreement).


After you sign your agreement and make a $300 deposit, you will join the next upcoming publishing cohort. The deposit goes toward two things: (1) a deeper review on your manuscript from the AE Department to create more detailed, tactical feedback for revisions; and (2) initial marketing support to help you do a pre-launch effort and build your audience.


Here is a month-by-month overview of the process (which happens over the course of 22 weeks):


Month 1 = Pre-launch effort and audience building

Month 2 = Revisions and editing; begin cover design process

Month 3 = Revisions and editing; incorporating beta reader feedback and early praise

Month 4 = Copy editing and proofreading

Month 5 = Layout, publication, and launch and promotion


You’ll be able to leverage and use our resources, tools, and coaching each step of the way.


Our goal is to help you create a book that you are proud of and excited to share with the world. If you need to take additional time or need extra support, we will work with you to meet those needs to ensure you publish a great book.

Start Your Publishing Journey Today

If you are interested to learn more, please reach out to with more inquiries or submit your rough draft manuscript for our AE Department to review. If you are submitting a manuscript, please use the subject line: "Submission - [Title]."


We treat all unsolicited manuscripts as strictly confidential. Manuscripts will only be shared with the AE Department for an initial review and will be used for no other purposes without explicit written permission from you, the author.


If the AE Department determines you need additional editorial support, they may recommend going through the AE Bridge Program, an 8-week program where you’d work with an AE to get your manuscript to a publication-ready state (with additional revisions, copy editing, and proofreading). The AE Bridge Program is $249 and is offered at-cost.


Depending on your progress, the AE Department may also recommend working with a Developmental Editor through a book writing program, such as the Book Creators Program with Creator Institute, or with an outside editor.



Most first-time authors haven’t worked with an editor and tend to need editorial support in some way before moving forward with publishing their work, which is why we have these recommendations in place to help ensure you don’t publish a mediocre book. Our goal is to help you publish a high-quality book.


New Degree Press is a proud sponsor of their book creation program, which helps approximately 1,000 authors annually create first draft manuscripts.

Entrepreneur Executive Program

Along with our standard 5-month program, we also offer an extended 10-month publishing program called the EE Program for Entrepreneurs and Executives. As a smaller group (roughly 5–10 percent of our authors), the EE Program helps authors publish their book over a longer timeline and then use their book as a tool to grow their business or brand to find new clients, secure press coverage, land paid speaking gigs, or create other similar opportunities.


The EE Program is a self-funded program and is designed for authors who view publishing their book as a marketing tool for their business or company. If you are interested in learning more, please email with the subject line “EE Program - Interested to Learn More” and we’ll share those details with you.

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