About New Degree Press

What makes us different?

New Degree Press is an IBPA-recognized Hybrid Publisher. Our mission is to help creators "Create. Demonstrate. Inspire."

We want to help you publish, and then help you use your book to create impact and drive outcomes.

Our authors retain full ownership rights to their work. We are a non-royalty based publisher.


We are building New Degree Press to act as a next generation publisher and production agency for the new media landscape.​


New Degree Press is a proud sponsor of the Creator Institute. Through our partnership we published more than 250+ titles in the past 18 months.

Follow the journeys of our creators on The Eric Koester Creator Institute Show (LinkedIn Series).

New Degree Press was awarded the USASBE Excellence in Pedagogical Innovation Award with Creator Institute in January 2018.

Our Team


Brian Bies

Head of Publishing

Brian Bies joined New Degree Press in 2017. Brian's book, Indie Gaming: Finding Entrepreneurial Success in Video Games, was part of New Degree Press's first batch of published books. Brian manages New Degree Press and volunteers his time with Creator Institute through their partnership.

New Degree Press - Advisory Council

The New Degree Press Advisory Council is a group of Creators, Innovators, and Entrepreneurs in and from across the various fields of publishing who want to help inspire and empower others to also become Creators.


Shane Mac

Chairman of the Advisory Council

Shane Mac is the Chairman of the Board for New Degree Press. Shane is the CEO & Co-Founder of Assist and the author of Stop with the BS.


Daniel Houghton

Member, Advisory Council

Daniel Houghton is the former CEO of Lonely Planet, one of the largest book publishing companies in the world. Daniel is a Forbes 30 Under 30 Alum.


Adam Brotman (CDO, Starbucks and CEO, Brightloom)


Christina Mallon (Managing Partner, Open Style Lab)


Chase Jarvis (CEO, CreativeLive and author)

David-Marqet (1).png

David Marquet (President of Intent-Based Leadership Institute and bestselling author, Rated #1 Business Book by Forbes)

0 (1).jpeg

Catherine Spence (Co-Founder and COO, Murmur)

Josh Schwartz Pubvendo Social Profile Pi

Joshua Schwartz (CEO, Pubvendo)


Megan O'Connor (CEO, Clark)


Robert Stephens (CTO, BestBuy and Founder, The Geek Squad)